Certification Scholarship Form not Available....

“Certification Scholarship Form
The form Certification Scholarship Form is no longer accepting responses.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.”
Now how I fill the form… please help…

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Edit: Okay. Due to requests from the community and ambiguity in our instructions, we are opening up the form. Please fill up your details quickly.

This was intended. We closed applications after the contest got over.

We have to select candidates and there is a bunch of activity that needs to happen after the contest. We cannot take any more applications.

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@admin It was never mentioned that the applications must be filled before the contest gets over. We should be allowed to fill the form. I saw that blog while searching for unofficial editorial for long challenge.
And that blog was posted just 2 days ago. At least the last date for form submission could have been mentioned in the blog.
Blog Post Link


When can we expect the results so travelling arrangements etc can be done on time?

Will be getting a letter/email Stating that we achieved Rank 1st in our institute and have marks above 300(Eligibility) this is why we are awarded with scholarship? I mean its also an achievement in a kind …

it was limited time offer.you should have to fill form before 11:59pm on 13th nov.

One little question…we have been sent an email to follow a registration process…there is a payment that effectively amounts to 0 INR, but should I or should I not click on the “Make Payment” option. ?
That is, alternatively framing my question, when will be my registration as wanted in the email be complete ? .

I gave my government Id as Adhar card…but currently i don’t have it…so can i take my college ID to th exam centre?? Please…Reply…

@vijju123 @admin I have filled the google form of codechef and also enrolled myself at CCDSAP as i get mail from codechef “i am eligible for scholarship”. Do i need to do fill some other froms and will i need to submit fees because it is showing fees of 3500.Although it generated admit card when i click to pay without paying that amount.

Reported. Thank you.

I guess they have closed the portal!

@vijju123 please inform me when it is available…to fill , Thank you

Till when shall we expect the results?
I have mistakenly filled the form two times but have written the username and institution correctly. Will that be a problem?

this is not good…

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what??? no pls

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@admin pls give one chance more…to fill the form :frowning:

Opened up the form to fill it up quickly.

Thanks, @admin!

@nileshjha: As long as the information entered is correct, it wont affect.

@cenation092: We have opened up the form. Please fill it up quickly


We will send an email early in the morning as the registrations close tomorrow midnight. The results will be declared on the 17th November.