CF problem- 996 A--help

This is a question on Codeforces [ Problem - 996A - Codeforces].
I think this question can be solved using both GREEDY and DP but since I was practicing DP I tried it.
I just used basic DP minimum coin change problem approach and it’s working fine but on this testcase where n=1000000000, it’s crashing…
I tried to use long long but still anything works and things got worse…
Although I submitted the GREEDY approach I got an AC, I want to know why my DP approach doesn’t work…

Here’s my solution [aLWgZ6 - Online C++0x Compiler & Debugging Tool -] .

What is the maximum size of array that one can declare?

Locally one can declare array of Max Size 10^5; and globally 10^7.
But I declared an array of size 10^9…
I just missed the constraints…I need to work super hard…:cry::cry::cry:.
Thank you very much.
What can I do to store that much of value???


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