When i created my account, i kept my name with some numbers as a username.
Now I fancy a different username.what is the procedure to change the username.
I dont see any.

kindly consider admin.


@shivam9753 I do not think there is any support provided by CODECHEF
@admin I also want to change my username…PLEASE Admin
tell us the procedure for changing username in detail if it is possible

sorry friends but i think it is not possible it is same like Google id that you can’t change.


At present we do not have the functionality to let users change their username. If you want to do that you can create a new account with the username that you want. However, before you do that you will have to tell us to deactivate your previous account as having multiple account on CodeChef is strictly against our Code Of Conduct.


all ranking will start from root if we deactivate current account and create a new account …
I Love My Ranking
***I will not change my username ***


Can i change my username at CodeForces if yes then how?

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I don’ think you can change your username on codeforces.

You can only change your user name once in codeforces that too within 7 days of creating the account.

You can change username on codeforces, at the start of new year it provides a magic tab which supports this.

Yes u can change at each new year! They gave a week time to do so