Cheater Found ( April Lunch Time) - IMPORTANT!

After the contest in April Lunchtime, on the next day when I was watching the editorials, I found a user cheating and uploading the solutions to the problems on Youtube, when the contest was ongoing. It can be verified by the following link:

Surprisingly, the CodeChef username of the user is also found in the video.
The user is sanskar_321

Please, everyone. We need to take strict action against such cheaters. Many of us work really hard to increase our rating, and it is extremely disheartening when we see people cheating.

Now onwards, if anyone finds such cheaters, please report the username of the cheater, with proof, so that some action can be taken against them, such as a ban from contests, etc.


Hi, Please mail the details to Admins don’t always surf through the discuss forum. Mailing them is the most effective way to give your contribution to hunt down these cheaters.