Cheating Flag

###I have been penalised for cheating when i did’nt do anything in Starters 139.

Please provide me why have I been Flagged as Cheating!

Hi @anon88415274

You would have received an email for the same.
You can reply there with your claim.

As far I can see, you were involved in either sharing your code or copying from someone. So next time refrain from doing such act.

how does the system considered if two participants are cheating, like in most questions, the logic is pretty similar and implementation like using i for loops and some common variables like ans, count is common. So how do they really know it two contestant cheated, it is very much possible that they didn’t cheat but just code similarly

Sir I have also posted my issue kindly take a look on that too.
I even haven’t copied from someone the question in Starters 140 Div2 A(Treat) was simple that many users had thought of same data structure that is map and I have also checked my code with the one Codehcef accused to be similar …