Cheating in contest Crack me if you can!

Saw his rating and previous submissions 5 minutes before the contest. Took me 5 more minutes after the contest started, read 2 problems, and left the shitty contest.

Just to bring in notice,all 8 AC SUBMISSION of INTERVIEW DAY are same(exact same) ,even a 6 star coder is involved in this @vijju123 i request you to look into it.

@marksman2 @zephxr @icecreamsaver


Karandi Gayjar orz.

Do you really think they are gonna give cook off and lunchtime :joy::joy::joy:


Thanks for the detailed report :slight_smile:

At least one problem is copied: = Hence all problems have been removed from the Practice section.

ameya13, mayur2305, starkk99, alooooo_lelo, and maoni have been permanently banned from CodeChef. This incident will be conveyed to the relevant college authorities for them to take action as they see fit.
There will also be a ban on any users from that institute conducting contests on our platform for some period of time.


I don’t think punishing the institute is a good idea what if they used the wrong institute name in there profile. Also I don’t think what they did should have impact on any other user, I mean few idiots do not represent the whole institute.
Just my thoughts, feel free to disagree with me… :crossed_fingers:


Hey @admin, I don’t think banning the college for hosting the contests is correct here. The college has hosted great contests in the past and don’t do this because of some idiots cheating.


Exactly! No one in our college even knew that someone is hosting any contest on Codechef. No one even know who these guys are!


Thanks for informing @marksman2. It is good to know.
@admin, please check if you can find out if contest is also a fraud.

We found a copied problem in that future contest as well. The organizer has been perma banned, and the contest cancelled.


@admin please look into this as well. The scam may be much bigger than initially thought. I see a 6 star and 2 5-star there as well.

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Of course we will ensure that a wrong institute is not penalized. We will decide the exact punishment after talking with the college authorities.


@admin, I suggest you write a program to compare solutions and find out if there are the same.

There is some more cheating in this contest, these 2 solutions are the same:

The only difference is that the latter does not have so many comments.

I wonder what stopped him from solving all 5 problems? :thinking:


I think that’s how the plagiarism mechanism works.

Seems like I’ll be getting Laddus, removed contest no hopes :sweat:

We are looking into this.

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@admin Are you still planning to give laddus after MOSS?

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bhai @marksman2 bahot hard!
bja di aapne cheaters ki!

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