Cheating in Jan'20 Long Challenge

I was going through the submissions of people and suddenly I come across the profile of @maximo278 . This guy literally completed all the 8 questions of Long Challenge in the span of 10 mins. Why doesnt codechef take any action?


Although very less but there are chances that he might have thought for all questions first and them submitted them together at one go.
So codechef simply can’t take action.


10 mins is a really less time . A little bit suspicious but I do not think codechef can do anything if he is not caught by MOSS , maybe he should be appreciated a bit if he really did it so fast . Many a time in a competitions I can see that some people complete all the questions before even i submit the first ( Codejam , Kickstart etc).
And questions were easy this time apart from ArmyofMe (which was copied , a little search would have been a lot easy than solving the problem).


But then seriously how is it possible?
Think practically bro. Thinking about all the questions is fine but then getting all correct in one attempt,
I actually find it bit suspicious

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Really suspicious.

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Can you explain how theMOSS works?
The ratings are upgraded. What if it detects plagiarism? What next? N how long it takes to check all the submissions?

Yup its chances are very very less but still its possibility can’t be denied.
He may get caught in MOSS if he copied solution.

I dont know much about MOSS .
If it detects plagiarism , you are informed that your solution matched with someone now you can ask for manual check if that was a false positive .If No then i think there are some penalites such as some amount of laddus are taken away . It might take a long time to reduce ratings .
It takes 1 month approx for MOSS results .

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He submitted the codes on 11th Jan and long started on 3rd Jan.

Do you have any provable evidence that he cheated? On what grounds CC should take any action?

It isnt surprising. I have often seen people doing it. Even tourist solves all problems in 5 mins in AGC. Submitted all after an hr.

You can read more about this strategy advantages and disadvantages in tourist’s and petr’s blogs.

It seems that declaring someone a cheater became a norm here. /cc @vijju123


Well I was going through the other codes of users having same marks. I found out that the user I mentioned has all the codes completely similar to the user named @aldous_
Even the comments are same and literally there is no difference. What now?

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True. @admin must interfere in this matter. Is the same guy using 2 different accounts? Every single line of code is same.


I already answered that. Read again.

I just checked, it’s way too similar. It’s obvious he cheated. MOSS can 100% detect that. He’ll probably get accused of plagiarism

yes He already accused