Cheating in Online Campus Hiring Programs

In my third grade college no company is coming to hire… :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Not every company does that. As far as I can remember there was no proctoring in uber, Cisco and AppDynamics tests in our campus. Also some day2 companies didn’t have any proctoring.

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well u wanna show pity on girls to result in their upbringing.Than its not equality its called charity(bheek) , this is similar to other reservations in India . dude don’t teach girls or anyone to live on charity , make them tough , make them to fight hard . Thats the real meaning of equality. I wouldn’t have written this but the word “Equality” forced me to do this.


But you see, now you’re turning the tables, still doing the same thing, that’s still not equality.

This is the harsh reality. I helped many of my friends in the coding test, they got through and cleared the interviews but I was rejected. This doesn’t bother me at all. I know my value, if the company hired undeserving people that is the loss of the company itself.
The only way to overcome this is to increase your level enough to beat the people who cheated. You should become good enough such that they can’t defeat you even after cheating. Know your value and push forward. You will achieve success certainly if not today, then tomorrow.


@mahimarrhahe See I respect your thoughts but what do you think is the practical way to make girls tough in this already MALE dominating society? No doubt giving girls more opportunities is not the best way for longer term but for now it is a nicer way because if we want to make girls tough, smarter then it can be done only when she is brought up in that manner. Like if the education system and parenting is that good then no doubt they will become that strong. But for know giving more opportunities to girls doesn’t mean BHEEK(charity) but I think more opportunities are given to only those who can do great things if they are shown right path. Again this is a good option only for shorter term! Just like Reservation system was but the government never removed it and now it is problematic.

Looks like you guys are on the wrong platform, better shift to linkedin or something else

dude see to be very honest no one should (I too) any problem to see someone getting to the peak , but that success should not be coming by giving someone failure . What cuurently is going on is , our hard made food is being stolen and given to someone else , this should be stopped if charity has to be done this shouldnt come from someone else hard work . why not increasing the slots for them rather snatching from one who deservers it badly…but u and i know nothing gonna change now , so just relax no offense to u infact no one , be healthy:) , samazhdarr aa gye #linkedin chalo xd chef to humare baap ka he xd


I can’t change the world with the power I have now, I’ll let karma do its thing.
This last line is rightly said. Totally agree with you. The issue you have raised is the cause of deterioration of our country !

On Campusing / Off Campusing , takes place online only every year , or is it because of COVID pandemic , it is taking place online (apti test , coding ) ?