Cheating in Online Campus Hiring Programs

Hello all,

I am a final year student in an esteemed institution affiliated to Mumbai University and am writing this post after facing immense frustration over the method followed by companies to recruit candidates in this pandemic.

Most of the companies hold a Pre-Placement Talk talking about how their company is and what it does. They discuss the assessment and boast about how you would be detected if you copy, lol.

In major companies, the first round is an Aptitude Round followed by a Coding Round which then paves your way to numerous interviews. But the point to note in all these rounds is that all of these rounds are elimination rounds. All of this is fair, but the problem starts now.

Most of the students in my college copy during these assessments in the prior rounds and are then unable to clear the further interview rounds. This way the undeserving students get a chance in interview rounds, whereas the students who gave the test honestly, suffered.

This doesn’t affect the person who copies in any way because it’s a win-win for him/her in both cases. If they don’t get selected, they know they didn’t deserve it in the first place and if they do get selected (rare) they think they beat the system.

I even tried to contact my Staff Training and Placement Co-Ordinator but then he pays no heed to this. Understandable, because he has to buff his college placement numbers. And if this lockdown provides a way for these noob kids to get a placement, he considers this a blessing. And then the college cries about not getting good companies for in-campus hiring, lol.

It saddens me that even after working so hard and practicing for such tests, I don’t make it to the list just because someone copied and scored better than me.

The people who suffer are those who put genuine effort in these tests, the ones who have strived hard to become the coders they are today. I accept the fact that not all of them would be pro-coders, but the fair chance to prove themselves has been stolen from them

But I would still encourage my fellow batchmates to not get disheartened by this. Turn this pain to power and keep grinding. You will win this game against the cheaters, not immediately but definitely. Having said that, I can’t change the world with the power I have now, I’ll let karma do its thing.


:100: Take pride in your ‘just’ actions, and don’t quit.
:raised_hands: Persistence and belief in yourself will take you a long way, come what may.


It takes guts to come out like this. The same happens with me as well but unfortunately no one wants to support this issue as everyone seems to be benefitting from this scheme.

Will repost your post till the message is heard loud and clear!


Someone is finally raising the voice!


As far as I know elimination is based on percentage and not percentile. So it doesn’t matter if someone scored better than you.


Thanks for your support!

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If someone copies in the coding round and his code runs all cases he develops a huge upper hand over all the participants.

IKR . I feel you so much man . A machine learning company came to my college placements and almost everyone who got through the first mcq round copied and struggled in the interview . The company ended up not hiring up anyone .


Exactlyyy, this ends up bad for the company and the college. I hope they make some just system to tackle this problem.
Maybe a problem for a hackathon? Who knows? :slight_smile:

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same problem with my college but in lnmiit jaipur tnp monitered them using mobile web cam they have to place mobile far away so they can see whole thing . i thing every college have to adopt this stregy because laptop webcam cover very less area


I think its just their feeling that they beat the system actually they fall in trap and get very embarrished if the Inteviewer grills them. So Conclusion is that the deserved has to push him/herself a little bit and he will get his deservence no matter what happens : )

Well I would agree that there is this big disadvantage in the Written Rounds for on campus hiring process. What actually company can do avoid this is maybe select a larger proportion of students for interviews and then can shortlist on that basis.
As someone mentioned that it is the loss of the company. Trust me it never is, they have a very thorough interview process which I do not think non deserving students can crack. The only loss is for the students who are legit and could not clear the written rounds.

To overcome this, some of the companies have removed written round. The first round is like a CV Shortlisting round, which I can think can be an alternative

yup specially that added with tadka of girls quota . we boys are facing worst time of our life


Well You are feeling it now but did anyone think that girls have been facing discrimination from ages. At that time where were you when girls were not allowed to work, play or do anything ? Even now this society is male dominating. And u cry if they are given more opportunity just because to create equality in society. SHAME!

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The more I read these kinds of blog posts… the more I start to worry! I’m still in the last year of high school… got introduced to CP recently… and next year will be hopefully joining a reputed college! I wish things get better till my time… :frowning:

But you have all my wishes sister! I know you’ll do great :slight_smile: cuz ‘honesty’… sooner or later pays off! :wink:

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And sometimes one more thing happen , my friend is in reputed College for Mtech , now book my show came in his college and he gave xam , he did 2.5 out of 3 questions , but wait the btech guys cheated all questions from their programing club , and company detected this and Blacklist the college , now my friend is just frustrated wtf why they cheat bhai badi mushkil se koi company aayi thi jo mtech walo ko bhi leri thi , and un logo ki wajah se gayi😕

So please don’t cheat on on campus hiring , sometime most deserving candidates are not selected and others are selected, and this kills the person he/she did very work hard to get job and what is the result ? Jisne kuch nhi kiya wo selected hai , or wo betha h soch rha h ki kismat me nhi h ye job.


If problem setters in codechef can come up with new questions every month , ig company can do that too. If nobody finds the answers online then there is a high chance plagiarism would be suppressed. Given that the honest one don’t leak his answers.


But isn’t there web-cam and no “Tab-Switching” and Audio/Video Proctoring ?
How are people cheating against that ?

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Damn dude, you seriously asking this question or being sarcastic in here


Prepare hard that’s the only option you have got.