Cheating in September Long Challenge

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That is why I am not participating in codechef long challenge, so much cheating from past few months.


Ya bro so demotivating … most of the solutions are leaked …rip long challenge


Why you want to start a thread which has been discussed numerous times before


Just don’t participate if you think long is unfair. But you should agree with me on one fact if you found out videos means that you were also there for the same work you are opposing.

I think long contests are the best contests to test deep knowledge of problem solving skills.

I have just started in codechef, before here i used to code in hackerearth and believe me, i find codechef really far better than that.


I found those videos because i am part of group where we discuss problems post contest, like problems which we get in placement test etc. Today i found that one of the members shared alot of links to problems of ongoing contest with same concerns.


There is fine line line between b/w knowing the sources from where you could copy solutions & actually copying solutions from that source.
So, the next when you accuse someone of such bullshit you better get your “facts” straight!


The way the submissions of the CHFNSWAP and TrumpCard problems are increasing proves that people are cheating shamelessly.It took me 3 days to figure out the solution of Trump Cards and now i find that solutions are leaked already.


Then try codeforces you find their contest better than codechef


No bro i am not ready for codeforces yet. yeah but i will sure start it from my 3rd year.


during long challenge questions should not be same throughout the contest it should keep changing on span of 2 or 3 days

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Most of the solutions are leaked on youtube…and those who leak solutions are especially just wanting initial subscribers on their channel…

@admin codechef should deduce solution, a token number of people who make these videos, and also those who comment on the videos…

Also, many people ask me solutions on Linkedin.

The only good thing is cheaters are generally of div 2 and their sole purpose is to get into div 1 to write on their resumes…that’s why there’s relatively less cheating in div 1

But beginners are very disheartened from this behavior…I request codechef to search these people on youtube and ban them for good!


Well, I am waiting for Divide Candies Editorial. That question has boggled my mind to the top. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:


Me too. Nothing is working out. Hope they come out with the editorials quick rather than last time around when the editorials for long were both of a very poor quality and came out very late as well.


I don’t know why you found the editorials of last time poor. This time, not sure about your taste but most of the editorials are already ready to be published.


Last time around, the editorials (case in point: ACCBIP and SUBSFREQ) were very poor as they were not too beginner friendly in explaining things(Also, i may have been comparing them to Rajarshi Basu’s editorials). It is good to hear that this time around the editorials are almost ready for publishing.

I think codechef’s GUI is the best and I really like the platform. Anyone who doesn’t like Long Challenges, feel free to not participate. I don’t understand why you want to make it unrated and waste 10 days of the actually sincere people who don’t cheat

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same here bro ,it has been fucking with my mind for the last 3 daysand no progress made till now


Me too, Till now I am thinking how to solve for K=3 though I had made some observations ,
Hope it’s editorial doesn’t turns out to be like SUBSFREQ of August which was released perhaps after cook off.

demotivating long challenge for me working hard and finally cracked five questions first time but my ranking dropping like just I solves first question.Took my four to five days to crack chefina and swap and finxor problem but so demotivating now I am moving towards codeforces.