Cheating in Snackdown 2021 Round 1A

I was looking for solutions for Snackdown Challenge and what I found was that people are cheating on a whole other level. Sadly these 4 star rated students are from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) which is supposed to be one of the premier colleges of India.


user: subh72 solution: here

user: gptshubham595 solution:here

user: saurabh_3010 solution:here

Source Video: Youtube


These three guys have exact same code except for little modifications which they did by adding comments to avoid plag check.

subh72 : solution
saurabh_3010 : solution
sanchit_11 : solution

Please report them so that actual hardworking coders don’t get demotivated after contest rankings.


Ruining the name of IIT’s. Seriously don’t know what these guys think as if any good company will take them on the basis of their ctrl+c, ctrl+v abilities xD.

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