Cheating In SOPC2.0

I was trying to post this from the day SOPC2.0was conducted but I was short of Karma points.
It was very ambiguous that all the solution getting highest score in question:-CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone
had exactly same code.Please look into the matter.


I have noticed the same thing several times. I thing Plagiarism Testing is not provided for contests organised by other authorities(SOPC 2.0 was organised by IIT, Madras). But I am sure that no one can cheat in Long Challenge, Cook off or in LTime.

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From what I can think , they all are friends and they are helping each other out. And if codechef does provide plagiarism testing the how can they punish them ? They don’t have a separate rating for college contests.

So This Is The Level Of IIT Madras First There IS Cheating In Their Contest And When I Am Posting It Here They Are Downvoting It

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@shubham99 They can disqualify the cheaters from the contest. I think this will be a necessary and sufficient punishment. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If u veiw the solutions of that problem it seems that all those who have got 80 points all of them have the same code…

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And I don’t even have the reputation points to upvote :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey @killjee , has any action been taken ?

Action must be taken.

@killjee @admin
Any action taken till now?

We do provide plagiarism detection for external contests as well, given that the organizer wants to run plagiarism detection.

Hey killjee, you need to get in touch with the organizers regarding the same. They will take necessary action.

Thank you for this information. That means codechef is giving their best. So, the problem is only with the organizers. I hope they will notice this matter as soon as possible :slight_smile: . Thank you.

no action has been taken yet :frowning: