Cheers to Amritapuri Selection Criteria (ACM-ICPC 2019).....

No offence,

but I believe Amritapuri has done a great job changing the selection criteria.

People on higher ranks are definitely more deserving teams for the onsite.

and to make it fair they have set a cap for no, of teams from a college. For how long were we supposed to compromise over quality of teams just for maximizing the quantity of colleges.

kudos to Amritapuri, Hope every Region follows the same in the future ICPC events


That is really great step from Amritapuri. But they should have mentioned it in selection criteria that there will be nothing like capping.


Yes , great job… atleast one regional site selecting teams based on merit ! :slight_smile:


So… Those 279 teams are all selected for regional?

I have no problems with team being selected on merit however I believe they could have mentioned it ahead of time not 30 mins before the start of the online round. Also they mentioned that there will be a cap on number of teams which seems almost non-existent. Merit based selection is not incorrect however it could have been better implemented.

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Will there be any waiting list for Amritapuri Regional Site?

I highly appreciate this step taken by Amritapuri but it would have been really better if they had mentioned this selection criteria when team registration were going on. From last many years they took top ranked teams from every distinct college taking into consideration which many of the good teams from our college didn’t fill Amritapuri thinking that only one team could go for that site. Now many teams who are under top 250 from our college are not selected just because such crucial information wasn’t shared before hand.

I highly appreciate this step taken by them but such important information should be floated much earlier while teams are registering IMO.


Amritapuri has 250 seats then how come more than 250 teams are selected? Are the teams after 250 in waiting list?
BTW kudos to Amritapuri for selecting teams on merit

Great job indeed, but heartbreak for those who actually celebrated for coming first in their college.


Well, cap=25. They are lenient here.

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where is cap = 25 mentioned where?

Yes. They have qualified.

Someone mailed Amrita.

True. We took our chances on reading the initial criteria of “selection of teams is on basis of rank.”