Chef and Chain (CHEFCH)

In the February challenge 2015, there is a problem “Code and Chain” (CHEFCH).
Is a sequence chain sequence if the sequence contains single char like + or -?

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It is very very clearly mentioned in the question … Please read line no. 2,3 and 4 carefully.


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i too have the same doubt…

Read the comments on the question. Things like these will surely have been discussed there.

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“The sequence is called Chain if each two neighbouring symbols of sequence are either ‘-+’ or ‘±’.”

means they will be considered as chains ?? ans in case of +/- would be 0???

I get it that it will be a chain only if the neighbouring symbols are -+ or ±, so a single + or - won’t be a chain sequence, but even if we replace it with other symbol, it won’t be a chain sequence, so what output should be displayed?

dpraveen answered it on problem page as it is a chain sequence
see the third comment