Chef and feast june 17 challenge

i dont understand why do i get wa in second case ?

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You are getting WA because you didnt take care of how sort function sorts.

IT will sort in ascending order, i.e. from LEAST to GREATEST.

Take the sample case

-8 10 -2 0 0
Expected Output

You start by checking if (b[0]+sum) x (temp+1) is >ans.

Well, condition is correct,but to maximize, we should start by adding the “less negative” numbers (eg- -1, -2) first, and then the more negative ( eg- -10, -10000).

Your array b after sorting is {-8,-2}. Go from reverse direction (back to front, i.e. loop from i=n-1 to 0) and it should give you AC ^^

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I am curious how did a 1 karma user asked a question :confused:

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same doubt here

also double post?

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@vijju123 sorry for late reply thanks though

i have the hax ,(no idea man i am just i did and i am happy to see that people answered ),also sorry for double post i recently read about the karma farming article on codechef and had no intension of doing so