Chef and GirlFriend - Beautiful Array's definition in Beginner Challenges Contest

In Beginner Challenges’s last problem Chef and GirlFriend(CHEF1005) : the Beautiful Array is defined as " An array is beautiful if the sum of | arr[i] - arr[i-1] | among 0<i<n is minimal.
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P.S- I am a general user not linked with the organisers, I solved the question ago in HackerRank.
That’s why I am posting this for other user’s help . THANKS !!!

Most of the problem is copied. This question is from HackeRank. The problem is named “Lily’s Homework”. The link is below:

Yup !!!

It should have mentioned the definition of “beautiful array”.

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should have mentioned the definition of “unique natural numbers” as well in problem no. 4

The problems are copied.
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