Chef and Magical Jars| Video Editorial| (MAGICJAR)

Problem: Chef and Magical Jars
From: Feburary Long Challange 2019 division 2
Video Editorial: LINK

Video available at 3:00 PM

The contest has been extended by 2 days. You are requested to delay the premier by 48 hours.


Super Quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Rectifying mistakes is OK,but extending the long challenge by 2 freaking days?! So unfair. 1 day can be understood. And this has happened so many times before as well. I request you to not make long challenges into “Super Long Challenge” :frowning:


Done! thanks for the info

Thank you for quick action @ulti72.

@karangreat234 : We completely understand you. We will make sure that the extention of contest is avoided in future.

Long challenges have become miserable… Every month it keeps extending…

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I genuinely dont understand why there is so much apathy towards extension of long challenge. And the only relevant reason I found was “We want to see editorials and upsolve.” . Apart from that none of the reasons made sense.

One more rant(reason) from my side
The contest was technically over for me 5 days ago.
These 2 days will basically cost me ~10 ranks and few laddus. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Everything in this world has a date and time of completion”.If things are not completed on time, it reflects how responsible Codechef is.
I’ll explain how painful it is for Div-2 participants. There are 15k+ participants submitting solutions to challenges. If a guy devotes all his 10 days and reaches rank of say,3k,after an extension of 2 days, it will change to 4k. Now, just think, what does he go through?(guessrt had 350+ submissions on the 9th day of the contest).Submission rate increases rapidly as more days promote more cheating and discussion among students of colleges to solutions.


It even severely affects people with good ranks like me. I spent a sleepless night to make my solution to the challenge problem better and better and better than other 515 people, and reached a rank of - ‘18’ . Now, 2 days more have been added. My rank can go beyond 100 if I don’t keep on optimizing hard for the next 2 days. :frowning: Hope you understand our pain. :frowning:

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why don’t you use that extra time and increase your rank ?
It also affects me in the same way… but I think all are getting same time at the end and the people utilizing it correctly will get good ranks…

PS: my long challenge was completed in less than one day… It only took me about 5 hrs for getting this score…