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Problem Paraphrase:-
Given an array A, select x such that x is having higher frequency when 2 conditions are applied.
1 → No adjacent values should be selected/counted once, like \{3, 3, 3\} here count of 3's is 2.
2- > When there exists 2 equal counts, then select the count formed with smaller number.

While reading values, count frequencies. And while iterating through give array, when a_i = a_{i+1}, then decrease the count in the frequencies table and move to the 2^{nd} element from i, that is.

a_i = a_{i+1} \large\Rightarrow \normalsize freq[a_i]-=1 \large\Rightarrow \normalsize i +=2

Giving me WA for the below code

My Code:-

#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;

int main(void)

	unordered_map<int, int> m;
	int t, n, i, ans, freq;
	cin >> t;
	while( t-- )
		cin >> n;
		int a[n+1];
		for(i=0; i<n; i++)
			cin >> a[i];
		for(i=a[n]=0; i<n; i++)
			if( a[i] == a[i+1] )
		ans = freq = 0;
		for(auto x: m)
			if( (x.first < ans and x.second >= freq) or ans == 0 )
				ans = x.first;
				freq = x.second;
		cout << ans ;
		if( t )
			cout << '\n' ;

	return 0;

Thanks for your time, you helped me grow :slight_smile:.

I think I got it…this condition isnt it

(x.first < ans and x.second >= freq)
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for example take the test case where given array is {2,2,2,2}–> wrong example
take array {1,2,2,2,1}
then your output ‘2’ but the correct answer is ‘1’.
in your code you should change elements to particular value if A[i]==A[i+1]
then count frequencies.

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@pkpawan123 ,

It gives 2 tho…

I’m increasing the i, so twice when that a_i == a_{i+1}

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i did messed up with example
see here example {1,2,2,2,1}
expected output 1 but it gave 2

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Thanks dude…

I just changed the condition and got AC…


(x.first < ans and x.second >= freq)


(x.second == freq and ans > x.first) or (x.second > freq)
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good job

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Yea, it’s for this…I thought I implemented that condition, but forgot to…my bad, should I delete this post since it’s clarified?..I’m new here.

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it depends on you. it really doesn’t matter , may be this post can help others so leave it .

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Yea, I’ll leave it…but let’s say I deleted, then would the :hearts:'s I gave you be lost as well?

yep ,they get vanished when post is deleted.

Oh…I see…