Chef-CLI : Codechef API hackathon submission

Our team dilbardilbar made a CLI app for codechef.

Description : Chef-Cli is a command line interface which uses CodeChef’s official API. This application is for those who hate graphical application and love to do everything from terminal. With features like sample submit and problem recommendation, It is designed to improve the overall productivity of the user.

Features :

  • View Problem Statement In Terminal
  • Get complete profile information about a particluar user. Get a graph of submissions made by the user in past one year. (Similar to submission graph of SPOJ)
  • Compare profiles of two users based on the ranking in various formats. Also get a comparison graph right on the terminal for better visualization
  • Submit a problem for evaluation against sample test cases and see if it passes or not.
  • Problem Recommendation recommends problem based on past solved problems by a user. Uses content based recommendation system for problem recommendation. Parameters -Difficulty , tags , No. of users who solved , Rating of user who solved
  • Get a ranking of all the institutes on CodeChef based on the performance of students in past contests.
  • Submit problems to CodeChef IDE directly from the terminal and get the final result right on the terminal.
  • Get list of both upcoming and currently running contests.
  • Get all details about a contest.
  • Get list of all the languages on codechef.
  • Get list of problems with a particular tag.
  • Search an institution from registered institution on Codechef.

Github : (Screenshots ,Installation instruction here)

Youtube :

Python package :

Hoping to have future hackathons on codechef.

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When are the results of hackathon coming?

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