Can anyone discuss mentioned problem solution? I can’t understand the accepted soln of peoples.

Problem link : Contest Page | CodeChef

You have to find the square of greatest side length that can be formed from rectangle n*m.
Since you have to cut the rectangle in squares of some length L, L must be divisible by n and m.
And since we need to find maximum L, the L should be the GCD Of n and m.
Therefore total squares possible =


In code the solution would be (FOR C++)

#include bits/stdc++.h
#define int long long
signed main
      int t;
      std::cin >> t;
        int l, b;
        std::cin >> l >> b;
        int g = __gcd(l, b);
        int ans = (l*b)/(g*g);
        std::cout << ans << std:: endl;