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Author: [Akshat Goyal] CodeChef User | CodeChef
Tester: [V Surya Kumar] CodeChef User | CodeChef
Editorialist: [Akshat Goyal] CodeChef User | CodeChef


Problem with explanation:
Chef Wants to donate his apples in two cycles (i.e two times) each time he donates half of his apples so say he has n apples he donates n/2 but if he has odd number of apples he keeps the larger part and donates the smaller part. I.e If he has 5 apples he will donate 2 and keep 3.
He makes these donations twice so say he has 10 apples initially:
First cycle he donates n/2 which is 5 now he’s left with just 5 apples he again donates n/2 which in int will automatically take the lower value.


Editorialist’s Solution

#include<bits/stdc++.h> //library of all libraries
using namespace std;
int main()
  int t;
  cin>>t;             // taking input test cases
  while(t- -)            //for each test case remove space between - if want to run
    {int n,m;
    m=n/2;             //taking half apples if n=5 since n and m are both int m will become 2.
    n=n-m;             //subtracting from original number of apples(5-2=3)
    m=n/2;             //taking half apples if n=3 m will be 1 now.
    n=n-m;             //subtracting from original number of apples(3-1=2)
    cout<<n<<endl;             //Output n=2

Setter’s Solution

t=int(input())             #input for test cases
for i in range(t):            # for each test case
    n=int(input())             #input initial apples
            #we half & type cast it to int so say n=5 n/2= 2.5 by int(2.5) it becomes 2
    n=n-c             #subtract from n the apples to be donated

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