Chef's Code Letter 2021

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Man I didn’t spoke on 1st or 2nd year , I just said senior and junior . Don’t take it personally . That was not meant to hurt someone’s feelings.


Just Chill man, we never disrespected your work rather, we sincerely appreciate the hard work. You better learn some basic etiquettes before posting anything on a public forum from an alt account.


yeah :smile:

bro chill :rofl:

Excited to be joining this event.

Great @dhruv788 but it’d appreciate it if you don’t say such things on someone’s blog where people have worked hard not just for days but weeks.
Thank you!

Come on man, chill a bit. I just made a light-hearted joke. It was never meant to hurt anyone’s hard work. We all know how much effort it takes to propose a contest and really appreciate the entire teams hard work. There is nothing to be so much serious.

See here’s the thing again @cubefreak777.
At the very basic level, a person saying this doesn’t qualify as someone who can comment on someone else’s etiquettes.
You should know that people have worked insanely hard towards a goal of helping the community and random people showing up and passing comments like


are a huge disrespect to anyone who has given their time to this cause. If you still don’t realize who needs to learn etiquettes then I pray the lord saves you.
Hope to see you at the contest!
Have a great one.
Hope you like the questions!

PS: Let’s end this here

Thank you @happy_man
Sorry it came out to be as harsh as it did.
I appreciate the fact that you realize the amount of hard work that goes into creating a contest, but I’d also appreciate it if you don’t do this to anyone in the future.
Thank you!
Hope you attend the contest and like the questions we have in store!

Well, it is quite evident who’s comments are getting flagged for using uncivilized language so better not go there and mind you, I don’t find myself saying anything ill about the contest. I just asked a question and got my answer why the hell are you getting so infuriated for no reason.


Thank you for the participation! Problems have been moved to the Practice Section.

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@cubefreak777 @dhruv788 @happy_man Do try the questions!

I tried the questions , I also participated in the contest and got rank probably within 15 . The contest was good , The problems were also good , But I think the problems statements were a little vague , or they could have been more clear.

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Can you please tell which problems in particular had vague statements?

I dont remember the code of the problem and neither its name , but I remember that it involved something like "mixed Telepathy Lingustic " Things. It is just my opinion ,may be just I was unable to get the problem clearly , AGAIN it was a good contest.
EDIT : I just read the notification again it was CCL4
EDIT (once again ) : CCL5 was a very interesting (awesome) problem , though I was unable to solve it but I found it interesting . ( I didnt read CCL6 )

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We’ll look into it. Glad you liked the contest! :slightly_smiling_face:

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All the editorials are up! Do try upsolving the problems. @rohit_goyal

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Thanks a lot for the contest and the editorial. Looking forward to more contests by the team!

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