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Author and Editorialist: Prateek Kumar


Basic Maths


You have to take the two dimensions of the rectangular field as input. The dimension that is a prime number is to be reduced to the closest non prime number. If the dimension can not be reduced to a non prime, then reduce it to 1. After this calculate the area of the resultant field. You have to do this for a number of test cases.


The problem was simple, use the following algorithm to solve it:

  1. Take t as input
  2. For i=1 to t:
  3. Take L and B as input<BR>
  4. If L<=3 then L=1<Br>
  5. If B<=3 then B=1<BR>
  6. If L>3 and Check_prime(L) is true then L=L-1<BR> 
  7. If B>3 and Check_prime(B) is true then B=B-1<BR>
  8. ans=L*B
  9. print ans


    Check if the number is divisible by any number till sqrt(n)

    If divisible, then composite

    Else prime

( The author’s solution uses a different method for prime checking, it uses prime generation)