Chrome Extension for adding CodeChef problems to to-do list

I (along with @sparshgunner12 and @mainak22793 ) had earlier developed a Chrome extension called “CodeLater”, which can be used as a to-do list for CodeChef problems. It adds a “CodeLater” button to each problem (next to Submissions button). Its not on the Chrome store, however, the same can be forked or downloaded as zip from

and manually added to Chrome.

The CodeLater list is synced with your Chrome account, so, you can see your to-do list of CodeChef problems on different computers as well.

UPDATE: Brief usage guide:-

  1. Clicking on the CodeLater button adds the problem to your CodeLater list which can be viewed by clicking on CodeLater extension icon adjacent to address bar.
  2. Clicking on a problem in the list opens up the problem page in Chrome.
  3. You can delete the problem from the list by clicking on the Trash icon in the CodeLater list.
  4. You can re-add the problem by following Point#1 above.
  5. If you have signed in to your Chrome account, the list will be synced with it and hence, you can view your list on any computer having Chrome signed in to your account. Else, the list will be available only locally.

Good work boys!

Great work. Just a few doubts. Once i mark a problem as Codelater how can i view the list of marked problems. Also once i have marked a problem as Code later, can i undo it?

Edit : found it. For those who dont know ,the problem problem will be stored under the CodeLater extension icon near your address bar. Great work!

You could add a feature where the solved problems get automatically removed or move to the end of the list with a green tick or something.

Great job though!

This is Cool !