Chrome Extension to Hide Problem Tags

Hello Guys,
Most of the people are requesting for something to hide tags on problem page because sometimes it spoil the problem.

So I build a chrome extension which hides the tags on problem page, you just need to install it and you’ll good to go :wink:


  • First download the extension from here
  • Navigate to chrome://extensions/ and drag the downloaded extension to this window and click on Add extension.
  • Now check out any problem page on codechef.

Source Code

If you find any bug or want some new features then create an issue for that ; )


i am not able to do.when i drag it says ‘CRX_Required Proof is missing’

Try another way:
Clone the repository and then navigate chrome://extensions/ then click on load unpacked and select the directory

Or you can do one thing that enable the developer mode in chrome://extensions
Then it will install without any error.


But i have to reload to hide the tag

What about the one who are using firefox?

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Right now it is only available for chrome.

Unable to turn on the extension, What to do?

start chrome with administrator

Turn on developer mode

If someone want this kind of features to be implemented.
You can post them here, I am ready to implement them if possible ; )