CJudge_Automate : Submission Automation

Hello Codechef community,

CJudge_Automate has been implemented and it is ready to be tested for any possible improvements. It basically automates your code submission into code chef(with the login details preferred). You just need to provide the problem code during runtime.That’s it. Hope that helps.

Here is the link to the repository on Github.

Improvements and bug reports are welcomed

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If I remember correctly you can be logged in to only one Codechef account at a time. If that is the condition, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of it. You won’t even be able to stay logged in from your main browser. I will be very happy if I’m proven wrong :slight_smile: Anyways good job!

Yup that is taken care of . All you need is start the code with a previously logged out account. This code logs in , does the work and then logs out. So the only point is you should be logged out prior to running this code. Anyways this program can be made more robust to handle this as well. Thanks for the suggestion!