Clarification needed for "Chef and Gordon Ramsay" problem(August Long 2019)

Problem link:-

The author has mentioned:- β€œa1,a2,a3” lie on a line.

By this I assume , in the tree , any 3 nodes, in which there is a connection between a1 and a2, a2 and a3 :slight_smile:

Now, the confusing part is:- The same author mentions in the comment section that on that path (a1β€”a2----a3) each vertex should have a degree of atmost β€œ2” .

Why is this thing not mentioned in the problem statement ?

In the same problem, testcase answer is :- (3,2,4) where node-β€˜2’ has a degree of β€˜3’ (which is contradictory to what author said in the comments)
Now, I am really confused . Please tell me the correct and proper meaning of :- β€œa1,a2,a3” are in a line…

Update:- My query has been resolved… thanks to the community :slight_smile:


Since this is from ongoing contest, please ask the question in the comment section of the problem.I am sure they will reply.

Already did that. But this is an important issue. Because if the problem statement is incomplete, everyone deserves the correct statement and full explanation.

Nope I don’t find any issues with statement. You can ignore other comments (except yours)

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Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Didnt read what clarification is asked.

This is admin/panel’s job to decide that everyone deserves full explanation not your job.
If panel thinks everyone needs to know this they will make comment and answers public.