Clash b/w Fb Hackercup - codevita -aug long challenge - codeforces global round 10

There is a clash of dates between Facebook Hackercup - tcs codevita - codechef aug long challenge - codeforces global round 10 - Independence day
on 15th August.

How to handle this ?

Edit1: thanks @sebastian

Set your priority. You have forgotten the most important one The Independence Day :sweat_smile:


Long challenge is not a problem, you have 10 days for that.

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Do u have any idea how much min. Points r required for hackercup to qualify for next round ? (W.r.t questions)

They’ll announce it at the starting.

If you solved atleast one problem in FB hackercup then you are advanced to Round 1.

Any rough idea about last year cut off ?

No idea…I guess first two questions were sufficient to clear but you can still check on the site under past rounds section.

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I was talking of round 1 -> round 2

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No idea about that!

There’s no clash if you see.
Facebook hackercup starts from- 10.30 pm and lasts for 24 hours.
The global round has been shifted to 16th August.
For TCS codevita, you get 1 day. From 3 pm of 15th to 3 pm on 16th. Start anytime.
If you are concerned about Independence Day celebration. Flag hoisting is done in about 8.15 am. So nothing clashes :smiley:


u need to solve atleast first two questions

U should solve the contest at contest time time only , see long is of 10 days , codevita need 6 continues hours choose your 6hrs ,cf global round is of 2hrs none of them clashes , second there is no need to participate in all .

its 30 if im not wrong

for 30 points, how many problems we should sovle?

It is announced and it will be 30 pts.

i know it is 30pt but to get 30pt how many questions u should solve atleast

According to past year statistics, first two questions are sufficient.


Although points for each question is not declared, but I think limiting condition to qualify will be : ((1 && 2) || (1 && 3) || (4)), where each digit will be true if you solve that numbered question.


You have my respect !!!

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