Clock on home page

Not related to programming: Why the clock on home page, besides “Upcoming Contest” is not a real clock? Its really irritating and annoying to see it not work. Make it work. Just a request, although its your choice.

It seems to work fine on my PC. Verify the following:

  • Are you using an updated browser?
  • Did you try loading the website in another browser, and check of the clock works?
  • Have you enabled Javascript plugins to work in your browser?
  • Do you have a smooth/fast network connection?

In any case, there have often been reports of Javascript/JQuery clocks not working in browsers, due to some issues in refresh rates or animation queues. I’m sure CodeChef will resolve the issue soon. :slight_smile:

i think you are talking about the “countdown clock”. I am talking about the other clock which is besides “Upcoming Contest”.