Codathon - INTER NIT Coding Contest

ISTE’s Codathon approaching: Register closing on 7th February 6pm


Codathon, conducted every year under the students’ conclave Chimera, is the only Inter-NIT coding contest in India, well known to be a platform for everyone to analyze their coding threshold. Challenging young minds with a new question every day for a week, Codathon is just the apt destination for either a beginner or an expert.

ISTE SC MANIT, in association with HackerEarth, delivers an experience of a lifetime, providing a powerful head start to one’s coding journey. With a prize pool of INR 27,000, official HackerEarth merchandise for the best performers, and much more to gain, Codathon attracts enthusiastic participation from techies all over India.

With every passing edition of Codathon, the competition gets stronger and the scale is set higher.


Students from all colleges across India are welcome to apply. It will be held on HackerEarth, so make sure you have your HackerEarth account set up and ready to go before registering for the Codathon.


Starts: 7th February 2022 | 6 pm

Ends: 14th February 2022 | 6 pm

Starting on February 7th, one question will be published to participants at 6 pm IST each day for a total of seven questions by the end of the week. The participant who answers the most questions accurately and timely is declared the winner.

Constest Link Click Here

Cash Prizes

Top 5 coders from NITs will receive cash prizes as listed below:

First prize: INR 10,000

Second prize: INR 7,000

Third prize: INR 5,000

Fourth prize: INR 3,000

Fifth prize: INR 2,000


  • HackerEarth T-Shirts for the next 5 performers.
  • Participation Certificate to each participant.
  • Goodies, free courses and discount coupons for all.

How to Register?

fill this form to be eligible for prizes Click Here.


Can you please make leaderboard public?


does the last problem have a deterministic solution in less than n^2?


Home many points did you get using n^2 approach?

When will the leaderboard be public? Also will you make the problems available for practice and make editorials?


@imakshay_31 I was only able to see 6 problems till the last day of the contest. How could this happen , that some people didn’t saw the last problem while others did.