Code Chef should introduce "pick random"and "similar problems" for practice problems

This is inspired by leetcode’s pick one which picks a random problem based on the difficulty level and tags applied.

Code chef can implement it better by picking only those problems that havent been solved before.
There should also be “similar” button on a problem page which shows us similar problems to the one we are solving.

If you have better ideas share them so that codechef might implement.


Hi @raminduri - thanks for your feedback. We are making some changes to the practice landing page. You will see some groupings (already available or soon) which are

  1. Recent contest problems
  2. Popular topics - this selected along with the problem diff rating should help you achieve the ‘similar’
  3. Currently ‘to-do’ - is hidden somewhere - it will become front and center so that you can populate your to do lists and work on them

Please do keep sending across your suggestions on discuss.

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