Code is going to exception at start of running the program

A code is running on my local eclipse ide but not on codechef compiler. I have used try catch for exception handling . At start of the program it is directly going to catch block

Are you trying to “Run” without Providing “Custom Input”?

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No,i am running with input. I also tried running the code on different online compilers. On some it is giving same error as codechef compiler and on some it is running and giving correct output like on onlinegdb and programiz its working.

Please post your formatted code and the input that is causing the exception to be thrown.

Actually this is related to an ongoing contest so i am not able to post the code here . Thank you very much for quick help !! I am able to resolve the issue . Now my code is passing all the combinations i am trying with custom input but not the TCs . Any suggestion how to go with that

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