New to Codechef. Can't understand the platform

Hi, I am new to codechef and I am trying to solve some easy level problem first but it seems
like I donot understand the platform well. I am good in Python 3 and have been doing great with my problem solving skill on Hackerrank platform . But ever since I logged to codechef I am always getting NZEC error or runtime error with my python code.

Also I am not able to comprehend the problem statement well I think as unlike hackerrank problem statement are not clearly explained here. Please help me.


Can you please the screenshot where did you get the error ?

One thing that trips up all people migrating from Hackerrank (hello :)) is that clicking “Run” (not “Submit”) here on Codechef does not run your code with the sample testcases - instead, it runs it with empty input (so attempts to read anything from stdin will fail, or give weird values). If you click “Run”, you must provide Custom Input.


Ha! Even I tripped on that the first time. :crazy_face:

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I think I spent about 10 minutes clicking Run and looking at my debug output and scratching my head the first time XD


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did you press run?
That might explain why you got NZEC because you didn’t give any sample input

Read this post, it may help.

@gauraws import functools. Map is now in functools. This was done because GVR figured since coders can just do [func(x) for x in iterable] , map needn’t be a builtin function

This problem occurs because you didn’t provide the inputs to your code.
So please click on Custom Input checkbox and then provide input, what you want then click on run.
Now you will good to go ; )

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