Code not working

Can anyone please tell me why am I getting wrong answer for this question.
Problem Link -
Solution Link -
If possible please provide me the test case in which it is failing.

Thank you in advance.

The question is a bit vague, but if I’m understanding correctly: try this testcase:

1 12 35831808 84

(NB: 12 ** 7 == 35831808)

Your solution appears to give “no” for this, but (again, if I understand it correctly!) the answer should be “yes” - this should hopefully allow you to debug your approach :slight_smile:


Oh, and welcome :slight_smile:


Although my non-brute-force solution is getting WA, so maybe you should just ignore all this XD


What a Comedy of Errors that was XD! AC now. Note to self: 1) stop making absurdly stupid assumptions(!!); 2) stop arbitrarily disallowing certain values in your testcase generator(!)

I’m just imagining the furore if this problem had been categorised as “Easy” on Hackerrank - look what happened with this (far easier) one: