Code of conduct!

How my points can even be deducted due to a competition in which I even didn’t took part in!!

Because you cheated dear.

I didn’t even attended that COOK139.

Aha! aren’t you a shameless little kid.


I told you i didn’t participated and the question is not solved during the contest!! Any problem mister investigator!

My name is not in rank list also …

Man, I honestly don’t understand if you’re actually that stupid or you’re just pretending to be. Firstly drill this in you head,
Participating \neq Solving a problem in the contest.

Secondly in the ss you just shared it’s clearly evident that you participated. Also since you cheated your AC submissions have been disregarded and changed into WA . Your AC submissions for JGAMES can be seen in ss attached in my previous post.

Yes it won’t be there, cheaters are kicked out of the ranklist.

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