CODE2021-N special cards DP query

Hi all , I don’t see any editorials/explanation posts for 1st problem of CODE2021 , I see there are many DP solutions in the submission can someone who solved it/upsolved it please provide there approach on the same ? Thanks.

Looking at the difficulty of the problem and the level of the author I’m 200% sure that they have copied this problem from somewhere, just try searching the title I guess you might be able to find it.

There you go:
Problem A
Problem C
Honestly one can’t do anything stupider than this=> Copy Paste three 2400 rated problems from codeforces and present them in a 1 hour contest :rofl: :rofl:.


Thanks a ton cubefreak! yeah I thought such tough problem that too the very first one :stuck_out_tongue: , some of these contests should be moderated, thanks again

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remember this :upside_down_face: