CodeChef Analyzer

CodeChef Analyzer

So, we were thinking about how there’s no visualization website for CodeChef to check your statistics and other stuff so we went on to make one. We call it CodeChef Analyzer.
it’s hosted at -

Contributors : Me, Joseph

The web technologies we used in this project are React JS, Tailwind CSS, Boostrap and a few browser based HTTP clients like axios.

For fetching the data, we used the CodeChef API as well as web-scraping.

The current features are :

Single User Features

  • Profile Card
    • Username
    • Fullname
    • Location
    • Proffesion and Organization
    • CodeChef Teams link
    • Profile About
    • Current Rating
  • Stats Card
    • Global Rank
    • Country Rank
    • Best rating, Worst rating
    • Best rank, Worst Rank
    • Max up, Max down
    • Total Contests
    • Tried Problems count, Solved Problems, Partially Solved Problem
    • Average Attempts to solve a problems
    • Unsolved Problem count
  • Verdicts Doughnut
  • Rating graph
  • Unsolved Problems list + links

Compare Users Features

  • All the features for Single User
  • Common contests rating graph

The source code of this project is available on github, you can contribute by making a pull request to this repository.

P.S : We tried to make this project as user friendly as possible, if there are any bugs or missing features that you would like to add, feel free to ping / comment here.
Also, as the CodeChef API is heavily rate limited, don’t think it’s a bug if the data isn’t being displayed :sweat_smile: . Thanks.


Well made! :clap:
Never seen this before.

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It is not able to fetch unrated contests

If you mean the total number of contests that are being displayed, well we are taking only rated contests into consideration. I will change it to total number of rated contests, thanks.

Nicely made ! :clap:

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How did you get access to CodeChef API?

I was a CodeChef college chapters president from 2020 so they have added an option to request for API from that portal, so I got it then. But however I think you can send a request to the mentioned e-mail id in this page if you want access.

Looks really good!

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