CodeChef API Hackathon - Chef's Arena

Chef’s Arena is a web application designed to give programmers a competitive environment while practicing problems. It’s a fast and responsive application with many exciting modes of practice to help users perform better in contest and prepare for prestigious contests like the ACM ICPC .

Live web application:



Team: unsigned_joy (alfarhanzahedi and jatinpandey)

We had a lot of fun making this application :slight_smile: We got to know A LOT about the Django Framework.

We would like to thank CodeChef and Alibaba Cloud again for providing us the wonderful opportunity to participate in this hackathon.


amazing concept

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The website is nice. But it would have been better if we could see the problems on the site itself (instead of redirecting again to CodeChef) cause this would have made the website doing more significant work, cause CodeChef does need to improve their front-end and accessing speed of the site and I think this website will be a good example of that :slight_smile:

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Amazing UI and website.

Great UI and good effort!