Codechef API

We (@devilamgs, @priyanka160101, @sanidhya10628 ) are working on a project which requires us to access the Codechef API for user details like problems solved, problem tags, ratings, etc.
So, is there any way to access the API because it is not publicly available?
Thanks in advance!


No you cannot get codechief api it can be accessed during hackathones.
you can mail them to get it

We have read it on older discussions too but it is 2-3 years old. So, it will be great that @admin can confirm the procedure.

@rajkumaar23 Thanks for replying but we found this too but this is also an year old and also Unacademy took over Codechef in the mean time. So, there is a chance that there are some changes to it.

Hey @mitulgarg,

I work at CodeChef :wink:
You can fill the form mentioned in that blog post, and the team will get back to you.


@rajkumaar23 Thanks a lot! :grin:

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@rajkumaar23 How much time it takes normally for Codechef to get back to us after filling of the form?
We filled the form 4 days ago and have not been contacted yet.

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@mitulgarg You should have received a mail by now. Let me know if you didn’t.


@rajkumaar23 Thanks a lot!
We have received the mail for API. :grin:

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Happy Cooking!


I filled the form . Can you once please look into that