CODECHEF Attendance

CODECHEF Attendance Tool

Hey There Guys,

Hope You all are having a good time. I want to present you another tool which can show you your attendance in CodeChef.

This is especially useful for those who want to check their Attendance for the 100% Attendance prize category recently introduced to CodeChef.

Not Writing any further (need to study for exams :p)

Please leave your comments below.


I literally wrote the entire code for the site again from scratch today morning (LITERALLY).

There were mainly 2 problems :

  1. The MARCH COOK OFF getting unrated, so even if some one participated in that, it was still showing that the person didn’t take part.

  2. Even if a person did not solve any problem correctly and their rating changes (might happen if someone submits but doesn’t get AC in any of their submissions) will still be shown as present.

These 2 problems were there because I was scraping the change of ratings instead of the number of Problems solved (which was actually needed).

But no worries people, It’s been fixed now.

Also as I already mentioned that I wrote the entire code again (major parts), there might be some new bugs waiting for me to fix. So please Let me Know. Peace.

Here’s The Link to the site.

FaceBook Page to stay updated :slight_smile:

Thank You.


Well done buddy! However, it’s sort of an optimisation of counting the contest names in the profile. It would be nice if it would tell the exact time (Eg: Feb Cook Off 2017) When my 100% attendance would be completed.
You took it from O(nlogn) to O(n), now take it to O(logn)!

It is awesome work!

Nice work mate :slight_smile: And I agree with @abdullah768 that something like longest streak or contests left to reach the landmark would be awesome!

Please check the March Cook-Off thing. The bug could be because it was unrated.

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good work…
I hope I can be more regular in future. This should be a good move as seeing more and more of the green tick mark would push me more…

Good work. Keep up the job.

Great work!

Can somebody state the attendance policy for getting laddoos, I think it requires to appear for all contests for a year, right?

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Well I did attend April Long Challenge and Cook-Off and some other contests previously but its showing that I’ve attended not even a single contest since I’ve logged in. Please look into it.

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@shubhamaggarw it’s working fine without any problems, You can have a look below

You could have either misspelled your username or codechef server might have been down at that time.


alt text

I think there’s a bug-

Even if the username field is empty it is showing results. Good work BTW :slight_smile:

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really nice work dude!

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Hey! Good work. I want to know which hosting service you are using and the host plan.

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Why not create an Android app for this, add some more cool features too in that :smiley:

Awesome work BTW :smiley:


Awesome Tool.

@shaeyas your website(tool) has a page-view counter which doesn’t count unique page views ( i think you know this ) .
it would be better if you get a unique page-view counter up and running .
Great work BTW!

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Hey @shraeyas , change that MAY Lunch Time thing, since it will not be considered towards 100% attendance.

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It’s not really a fix but I just tried to make it more bearable :stuck_out_tongue:

alt text

It will now show a warning sign in case of any miscellaneous contests (unrated or cancelled).

If I come across any better solution to this I will add it later.

And yes thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:


Plz upvote me , I want to ask some doubts for which I need some karma ,
Thank you guys.

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