CODECHEF Attendance

@admin thanks for your response. I have sent a mail to help[at]codechef[dot]com.

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It has been introduced in March, so from March 2017 onwards 12 months in a row full attendance (in Long, Short and Lunch Time) will fetch you 1000 laddus.

Can u please correct that fault?

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OK buddy, I’ll do it, end sems though, might take a while :slight_smile:

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@mathecodician its fixed now buddy. :slight_smile:

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Fixed. Now it will show error!

Yesterday someone asked me about how I made this tool, so if you guys are interested you can find the source code here :

Unlimited Advance Linux

But I did not purchase it, I got it as a freebie for one year :slight_smile:

Lmao!! Lucky you XD.

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Hey mate, I think you search for certain keywords such as “FEB14” in the page of the person that’s why it’s showing that I gave feb14 long challenge even though I haven’t but I have solved a problem named “LFEB14B”. Anyways, awesome work!!

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I Fixed it @anmol137dh08

Thanks for pointing that out, you can convert your comment to answer


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Definitely, I was planning to do something with Android apps this summer :smiley:

Thanks for your Appreciation

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Thank you.

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Hey! How did you add those random quotes in the end of that source code :smiley:

I checked it on your github link too but found no evidences how that occurs? Seriously did you not upload that on github or is it something deeper which I can’t figure out?

and BTW congrats. I just saw that “saakhshaat” Codechef responded on this post :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me that codechef was also thinking of releasing an app?

I searched for that post after reading your comment. Hope for the best.

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Can you please reply to my query above?

Just wanted to know how to make those quotes change.

It’s simple buddy :stuck_out_tongue:

If you know even a little bit about web development and languages then you can figure out how that works.

Just try to think about it for once :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t. Please tell me how -_-

There are tons of methods, the easiest way could be…

Just take an array, add few sentences in it (i.e. strings) and access the array elements using a random number generator (use it as index for the array).

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