#Codechef becoming platform only for div 3 only

Codechef now conducting rated contests only for div 3…
Literally I mean 5 contests in a month for div 3 and only two for div 1 & 2…
I think they are in shortage of high quality problems or they are no longer interested in building a strong CP community but just interested in selling their courses on unacademy :sweat_smile:

Agree Guys???


Yeah, trying to completely convert CP to new JEE!!!


This was Codeforces yesterday, I think they are increasing div 3 to keep cheaters in check otherwise everybody will be five star like everybody is specialist in Codeforces

You know nothing abt cf ( :
They will plag you for sure dosen’t matter many macros you use or functions


The title says “Codechef and codeforces”, so not a surprise that cheating will happen on Codechef too. And, it’s not Codeforces, it’s just a telegram group.

And, by cutting off contest for div 1/2, they will actually increase desperation of 3*, 4* which might increase the cheating instead + this might result in loss of div 1 coders experts, which usually contribute in problem setting!

The only efficient way is to use MOSS, and pls Codechef, keep regular contests. Even 3 contests at an even gap will do better than the current scenario. In the optimal way, we’ll have to wait 10-12 days only!

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Believe me, I have seen the cheating in the cf contest with the same tactics and not caught.

You’re deluded if you think that will happen :slight_smile:

Codechef must include more contest for div2 and Div1. Especially, in the start of the month. Because present div2 and Div1 contest are only held at the end of the month.


Idk why people are doing this types of things, Keep focusing on your ultimate goal than the starts and positions, no recruiter will ask to show how many stars or on which position you have. <3

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Dude, treat online judges for what they are. Codechef is not equal to competitive programming. Your 4 star or 6 star doesn’t matter. Only your skills matter. I know coders who don’t participate in contest because they are 5 star or 6 star and they are too afraid that if they participate they would lose the rating. I would much rather be a 4 star coder and participate in all the contest that I can, than be a “6 star” coder who is too afraid to actually participate in contests. From that perspective codechef gives few of the best problems for CP among all the platforms.