CodeChef: Call for problem submissions!

Hi CodeChef!

I have become a problem reviewer on CodeChef and an admin. We are in need of high-quality problem proposals.

We were not able to reply to quite a few of the submissions regarding their status (Accepted/Rejected), and some may have even gone unnoticed — because the queue of problems has accumulated over the years.

We are now resetting the problem proposals — and now it is estimated that you should receive initial feedback about your problem within 2 weeks of problem submission! If any of your problem proposals submitted before August 2020 have not been accepted or rejected yet, please re-submit them — we apologize for the inconvenience.

The reviewers and admins on CodeChef are now:

Further details are as follows:

  • Compensation: The payment details and required difficulties of problems can be found in detail here. Brief summary:


  • Submission Form: The form to fill for submitting ideas for any of the contests: Long/CookOff/LunchTime is here.

    After submitting the individual problems through the form, you can send an email listing the problems you want in a single short contest. Send it to for Lunchtimes and to for Cook-Offs.