Codechef certification exam

This is a question regarding the certification exam. I have my implementations of binary search, merge sort etc on github and usually during the contests I take them from there to save time. Such a thing wont be allowed during the exam right? Like I’ll have to write the implementations up from scratch again?

Yes, you are allowed to switch tabs during the exam, but only works rest of the internet doesn’t work, also you are provided documentations of basic programming languages
So wouldn’t work

By documentation, do you mean templates for binary search etc? Or like a digital manual of useful stuff like unordered_set? Or neither?
Thanks for your reply.

if works, then can we check our submitted code and take the implementation from there ??

No. Just contest pages and documentations will be accessible

Nope they take care that you’re not allowed to access anything other than the live contest, and the leaderboard is frozen and also can’t be accessed
And the website hangs a lot, sometimes the test time gets extended

which level of certification you applied for ?

I haven’t taken the exam, ever.
My roommate took it last time, these are his experiences, the website hanging part might be because too many people applied because of the scholarship last time.
But the questions were pretty easy, and the passing marks were very low for foundation level.
So he got frustated and left when he got the minimum required score