Codechef Certification March Exam delay

I just received a mail from codechef.

I want to cancel my railway reservation. Is there any chance that paper gets rescheduled back to 22nd March?
Is there any possibility that in May there will be no exams also due to corona virus?


It can happen that the May exam also gets postponed, it entirely depends on the situation of the virus outbreak in the coming days.
It seems highly unlikely (if not impossible) that the exam can be rescheduled back to 22nd March.

I don’t think it will be again rescheduled back on 22/3…chances are very less

I have also booked my tickets for summer . SO if you will conduct on 24th May Can you change my exam center to a new City


yeahhh I received it too. I guess it’s confirmed that the date is being postponed. Many of my friends received this mail

May exam possibility cannot be predicted as of now, since we don’t know how severly corona spreads.
March one seems sure

Has anyone gotten their Admit Card link email yet?

Generally it is sent 3-4 days before exam only.

So, is the 24th March date final?

I think it’s 24th May, not 24th March

Oh yeah, my bad. Then, it’s alright. :grin:

As it is already mentioned in the mail, if the condition seems normal during May then only exam will be conducted else it will be further delayed.

What is the current status of the exam, when it is going to be conducted or will they refund all the money?