Codechef certification scolarship

I did fill up the form a bit late but did not get scholarship for codechef certification . I was 1st raker in my college. I need help please .

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Same issue, I suppose the possible reason could be because of mentioning the abbreviation of my College name in Google form. @admin any information or support would be helpful. Thanks

It’s even In the Excel sheet they provided as result

U mean to say you could not find your name in excel sheet?

I found it there

kya hua bhai ??

after getting the name in the excel sheet what should we do ?

You should have received a mail from them having a coupon.

i have not recieved any e mail from codechef. Where did you read the email in spam or normal messages

In normal messages.

kya naam h message sender ka

The mail is from codechef.

nahi aaya yaar

I have received it yesterday. Aajaega aaj kal me.

aaya h it is in updates.

Congrats bro

Thanks for the help .

You also .

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