Codechef Certification

I have recently registered for foundation certification exam…And my doubt is can anyone get job/internship through this foundation certification using linkedin.If yes plz give about this experience as this helps to many juniors…or we have to compulsorily complete the advance level certification…

I am Foundation certified from past 6 months.
They e-mail you if a opportunity is available (I got mail 2-3 times).
So, its good to have the foundation certification but don’t keep high hopes.
PS - Advanced level certified most probably crack good job/internship on their own.


Thank you bro…how much difficulty of questions in foundation exam??how much difficulty to pass exam??can you explain that experience also bro??..

Bro I gave the foundation level test in last september, i was able to solve all the question. Just prepare from the given syllabus and you are good to go

iam practising the given problems and some problems are getting WA…And iam able to solve dynamic programming which requires only 1D memoization/tabulation but not able to solve problems which require 2D tabulaton/memoization…Thats why iam asking bro…

At my time 3 out 5 were required to solve get the certificate.
A 3* shouldn’t be having trouble in solving 3 ques.
PS - I was 3* then and still am a 3* with some temporary rating inflation :stuck_out_tongue:.

how many question should one solve in order to qualify the cerfication exam??? now…