CodeChef Certified Data Structure & Algorithms Programme (CCDSAP), Bhopal center -> Bhopal or Hoshangabad ??? AMBIGUITY in Location of centre

The address mentioned on codechef’s site is:

17 - Bhopal

Mission Information Communication


Ist Floor,

in front of Palash Restorent,

Anand nagar, Hosangabad (M.P.)

The address is of some place in Hoshangabad

And At the time of choosing centre while filling the form, Address mentioned there is of Bhopal,

Mission Information Communication


145, 2nd Floor,

Near Vikramaditya College,

M P Nagar, Zone 2,


The Address given here is different than previous

I don’t want to miss this opportunity because of confusion in place.

Please, someone, solve my confusion whether it’s in Bhopal or Hoshangabad ???

hi @keshav_ We have updated the correct address in the schedule page now. The correct location is Bhopal and not Hoshangabad.

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you can use google map to see physical location of place and then decide.

No, I am talking about ambiguity in information @shivam_g1470
Read it again now after the edits.

you can contact them here

Thank you I really appreciate your help.

Thank you for your consideration.