Codechef compiler update to C++ 17/20

Right now, the available languages dropdown menu features C++14 only. I wonder when C++1z or even C++20 will become available on CodeChef. What the admins say, are there any plans and what is preventing us from having these languages?

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Maybe @hrishik85 knows something? At least Rust compiler is going to get an update soon(ish?). So it’s possible that the other compilers will be updated too. If people are interested in modern C++, then they shouldn’t be silent.

Btw, C++17 has already been live for a while.

Looks like not all of them have been updated. For example, if you look at CodeChef,
still the old C++14 shows up, not the C++17.

I guess the new versions of languages will only be shown for problems created after the environment update.

That is what I figured.
How hard it is to add C++17 support for practice mode problems, then?

I would really like to spend more time on CF, but sometimes missing features such as std::optional etc leave me not writing a good design.

@dull_jester - thanks for reporting this. Will come back to you once this is fixed for all problems in practice.

@hrishik85 Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you in this regard.

@hrishik85 Any updates on this? Another question, where are the editorials now? I see the new interface features “Solution” tab, which is empty, and the old “Editorial” is not easily found.

@dull_jester - For the older problems - while you see it in the frontend as c++14 - at the backend, they have been updated to gcc 11 i.e. C++17. So you should be able to use all functionalities.

That said - we will get C++17 added by next week. Sorry about the delay.

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I confirm this is indeed the case. I code in C++17 and submit using C++14, and it compiles fine. Thanks for adding this!