CodeChef Contest - COJK2020

All the contest those are hosted on Codechef without the monthly challenges are having Long Queue issue…
I have submitted a solution on running contest CodeJunk and it’s still in inqueue. Even before this contest all are having the same issue. Why is this happening again again even having a small number of participants??


Same issue with me as well.



Yes… Can say that too :rofl:

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yes same problem…

6 pages of submission with no verdict. too slow man. GG

Chef is taking too much time to prepare junk food I guess :roll_eyes:


Looks like they will show the verdicts of our submissions to our grandchildren :unamused:


Hate this much queue

The contest is as Junk as the name.

From CF


How to solve problem D?

problems were good , but queue problem is bad :grimacing:

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Waiting for editorial @anon56994723

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XOR of all odd distance node values from the node 1 will be the state… a non zero value is winning and 0 is losing.

We can observe that it’s always possible to move from winning to losing for our opponent similar to how u prove a nim game… u just move from the odd distance to even distance by choosing an appropriate node… it’s similar to removing stones in the nim game because the even distance values aren’t considered in our XOR which means an operation on the odd distance node is like removing a stone.

When in the losing state we can prove that we only move to a winning state. If we choose any node we will only obtain a non zero XOR since the current XOR is 0.


How to solve C?

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how to solve problem C???

can u please give some hint how to solve c

Use in-out dp

I did not get C. I asked D because I tried it during the contest time, but got a WA.

thanks for you hint